In-house Marketing Expertise

Renting out your holiday home is an important decision. SERVIMO HOLIDAYS understands that you want to achieve the best possible results, namely maximum rental at a correct price. That's why we have a dedicated full-time marketer who focuses entirely on promoting your holiday home and stimulating bookings through various channels, both online and offline.

  • Professional Branding
  • Monthly Emailings
  • Intensive Social Media Advertising

What can you expect from us?

With our extensive marketing strategies, we ensure that your holiday home is optimally visible to potential tenants. Through our attractive website, advertisements in traditional media, Google and social media advertising, we ensure that your holiday accommodation gets the attention it deserves. At SERVIMO HOLIDAYS, we offer a complete package of marketing services, including professional branding, informative brochures for tenants, fun competitions, and marketing campaigns & events. Additionally, we provide your accommodation with a poster to increase visibility in the streets.

We also send multiple emailings monthly to our database of 15,000 active tenants, promoting bookings. Our clients come not only from Belgium, but also from other parts of Europe and even other continents who find their way to the Belgian coast via SERVIMO HOLIDAYS.

22,000 website visitors per month!

In 2023, our website attracted an average of 22,000 visitors per month.


Paid advertisements for relevant keywords.

At Servimo Holidays, we strive to make your holiday homes appear as high as possible in the search results. That's why we invest a significant amount in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) every month. With these intensive SEA campaigns, we want to ensure that your holiday homes get the attention they deserve and that potential tenants can easily find them.


Organic results. SEO-optimized advertising text for each holiday home.


60% of visitors to SERVIMO HOLIDAYS come via Google.



With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your holiday home is rented out as efficiently as possible, at the right price using the best marketing strategy. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you want to personally discover how we can help you get the most out of your holiday home!

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