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Nieuwpoort, the shopping paradise on the West Coast lies at the mouth of the Ijzer. Nieuwpoort-city houses a chunk of history with medieval architecture and the spectacular King Albert I monument with the West Front visitor center. In the city center, you will encounter many hip, tasty restaurants and eateries. You will also find one of the largest marinas in Europe. Two thousand bobbing pleasure boats make for an impressive sight. The fishing port on the quay is also worth a visit. Nieuwpoort-bad is the trendy seaside resort par excellence, with exclusive stores, large events, a wide and beautiful seafront promenade, a unique pier in the sea and a beautiful boulevard for walkers and cyclists.

  • Walking and cycling promenade
  • Shopping at the West Coast
  • Visit to the palisade
staketsel in nieuwpoort havengeul

visit the staketsels

The Western Pier, built in 1865, has a length of 490 meters; the Eastern Pier, from the same year, protrudes 543 meters into the sea. On the heads is a signal lantern and a foghorn, exactly miniature lighthouses. These two palisades are real attractions and worth a visit during your vacation in Nieuwpoort!

Wandel- en fietspromenade in nieuwpoort

walk and cycle promenade

walk and cycle promenade

Between the harbor and the northsea you will find a 2 km long promenade with the most beautiful view along the entire coast. the promenade is the perfect connection between the town centre and the coast. with this promenade city newport owns one of the most amazing cycling routes along the entire coastal line.

nieuwpoort winkelstraat shoppen vakantie

Shopping along the belgian coast

An important aspect of a vacation, long or short, is definitely shopping. and there is no place better for shopping than newport. de shopping streets Albert I laan en Lombardsijdestraat in nieuwpoort-bad can be compared to the bigger shopping streets located in the bigger cities in belgium. 

belfort in Nieuwpoort-stad

West Front Visitor Center & Albert I monument

The 35-meter-high tower was built at the Grain Hall or Stadshalle. It is one of 56 belfries in Belgium and France declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During World War I, the tower was dynamited and the halle, along with the entire city, almost completely destroyed. Later they were reconstructed. The halle has the same appearance as the first one, believed to have been built in 1280 in late Gothic style.

Ganzenpoot albertmonument in nieuwpoort-stad

West Front Visitor Center & Albert I monument

After World War I, Nieuwpoort was left in ruins. Western Front Nieuwpoort tells the story of the destruction of the city and how the flooding of the polder plain, halted the German invasion. Through unique objects, interactive modules, personal stories and a 180° projection of the Iron Panorama. A story about the power of sea water and the clever conducting of locks and sluices. At the end of your visit, you can enjoy a 360° view of the sea, the coastal strip and the polders of the Westhoek via an elevator on the King Albert I monument.

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